Garden town of Namibia

Sport News

Okahandja Motor Club:

As a motor club, our emphasis is on providing events for motor enthusiasts, motor sport lovers and people who love their cars and bikes.  The spotlight on our events are always aimed at fun for the participants and to entertain our spectators. 

Visit our website here:
Namib Road Kings

Okahandja Reit Klub:

The Perfect venue for all Horse riding and sport functions.  THE R.C.O. has been an active horse club for many years.  The club is registered with the Namibia Equestrian Fereration.

Contact Details:
Mr. D. Fischer
Fax   062-501229
Phone 062 -501229

Okahandja Golf Club:


J. GROBLER 081 127 3365 OBERHOLZE 081 287 2751
T. LAMBERT 081 127 1663 S. MARAIS 081 128 0610
J. DE BEER 081 124 8667 B. MYBURGH 081 128 9004
B. PIENAAR 081 128 0150 FAX NUMBER 062 – 501 477