Garden town of Namibia

Historicaly Okahandja is known as the "Garden Town Of Namibia".  Although, today Okahandja is an Industrial town, many major companies have made Okahandja there home, because of our excellent infrastructure.  

The Town

Okahandja is surrounded by some of the best game and hunting farms in Namibia.  Common game found in the area include Oryx and Kudu.  The vegetation of the area can be classified as thornbush savanna. Dominant tree species are Camelthorn, Bluethorn, Sweetthorn and Ringwood.  Okahandja has a wide selection of bird life and is truly a feast for the nature lover.  We have fine Bed & Breakfast establishments, Lodges and many other types of accommodation to suite the traveler.  Cattle farming is prominent and the main source of income for the farming community.  

No traffic lights or annoying traffic jams.

Some of our mayor industries include, Meatco, Namwater, NEC, Namgem and more.   A lot of industrial space was allocated and numerous stands are available for investors to open new factories.  Many Transport companies have made Okahandja there home, because of the ideal position in the heart of Namibia.

The Wood Cavers are a major tourist attraction and offer curios at very low prices.   Stone and other products are also available.  Most of the items sold are truly African and are made locally.  So make sure you visit the entrepreneurs and get something special to take home.

The central region of Namibia are known for there friendly hosts and fine cuisine.  A wide variety of bird life, wild life and an unique flora, provides our visitors with excellent opportunities to enjoy there stay. 

Okahandja Home Base Care Givers